Updated: 29 Aug 2018

Web-Development specialist

Salary: from 2000$/month

Alex Babich (aka Torrison)

Marital status:
Kiev, Belgorodska str. (Solomenskiy dstr.)
+38 (093) 155-29-70
Find a job in IT company with comfortable office, perspectives, professional, creative people, which wants to make the world better.
Basic Information:
  • Portfolio: Digital-Outsourcing.com/portfolio
  • Programming experience HTML5+CSS3+JS+JQuery+PHP+MySQL+MVC+CI/Yii+Git more 4 years
  • Management experience more 2 years
  • My IT-Skills list: in Google Drive
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Experience in eCommerce, more 8 years
  • PR, Marketing, SEO, SMM experience more 5 years
  • Startup experience in pre-seed and seed stages
  • Strong analytical skills, product management, business analysis
  • A lot of own approaches and technologies for IT projects
Business trips:
Kiev/Ukraine, move to EU or USA, Freelance.
Job City/Country:

Work Experience

Digital Outsourcing Team (Digital-Outsourcing.com) oct 2013 - now PM / Senior Web Developer IT Services and Outsourcing
  • Projects portfolio: digital-outsourcing.com/portfolio
  • Prepare Web-Site Development Plans
  • Prepare technologies specifications
  • Find Freelancers or Outsourcing partners
  • System Analysis
  • Process optimization
  • Back-End Development (PHP+)
  • Front-End Development (HTML5+CSS3+JS+JQuery)
  • Custom web-services development (like Moow.life)
  • SEO optimization eCommerce solutions
  • PHP Chat and HelpDesk Solutions
  • Front-End, Back-End, Testing Junior Training and Education
  • Design newstyle translate web-site system
Tools and Technologies:
  • Inside BackOffice System - http://inside.ikiev.biz/ (Demo)
  • Jira, Gmail, Google Drive / Docs / Sheets / Draw
  • OOD, Business Analysis, OOP
  • Front-End: HTML5+CSS3, JQuery, JQuery UI, AJAX, G&Y maps APIs
  • Notepad++ with Snippets (FingerText), NetBeans IDE, Eclipse IDE, PHPStorm
  • FTP, SSH, WinSCP, Putty, VNC, OpenVPN
  • DB: MySQL(MyISAM, InnoDB), PostgreSQL, MSSQL, phpMyAdmin, all relations: 1-1, 1-many, many-many, INDEXES, GROUP_CONCAT
  • BackEnd: PHP, CodeIgniter, Yii, Symphony
  • PHPExcel, Ion Auth, Mandrill, MailChimp, Twig
  • MVC Pattern, Roting Pattern, HMVC
  • Data Centers (Hatzner, Selectel), Unix
  • Graphics: PhotoShop
  • Git, svn, WinMerge
Freelance/OutSourcing Team:
  • Project Manager
  • Product-Marketing Manager
  • System Analyst
  • DBA
  • Senior PHP Developer
  • Middle PHP Developer
  • Junior PHP Developer
  • QA, Tester
  • System Administrator
  • UI/UX Product Designer
  • Graphics Designer
  • Front-End Developer
  • SEO, Adworks marketing specialist
  • Content manager, copywriter
Ekipazh-service (ekipazh-service.com.ua/) dec 2012 - sep 2013 Chief technology officer & Senior Web Developer Food Delivery Web-Service
  • Team Management
  • Introduction Task tracker, Agile and Kanban principles
  • Programming management & Web-Development: Front-End (Rich UI with AJAX, SEO, Localization, G&Y maps APIs), BackEnd (DB Admin Panel, Reports, Call Center Terminal)
  • ReDesign, ReFactoring, Architecture optimization
  • VoIP Server Migrating to DataCenter
  • Web Server Mirroring
  • Introduction Git
  • Business Analysis
  • Description of the processes in text form & block diagrams yES
  • Preparation specification for automation of business tools
  • Preparation specification for API
Tools and Technologies:
  • Own Mini Project Management System - http://brandwall.ikiev.biz/ (Demo)
  • Gmail, Google Docs
  • OOD, Business Analysis, OOP
  • Front-End: HTML5+CSS3, JQuery, JQuery UI, AJAX, G&Y maps APIs
  • Notepad++ with Snippets (FingerText)
  • NetBeans IDE, Eclipse IDE
  • FTP, SSH, WinSCP, Putty, VNC
  • DB: MySQL(MyISAM, InnoDB), phpMyAdmin, all relations: 1-1, 1-many, many-many, INDEXES
  • BackEnd: PHP, CodeIgniter, PHPExcel, Own CRUD Generation solution- http://inside.ikiev.biz/
  • MVC Pattern (also use SingleTon, Factory, Proxy, Adapter, Bridge, Object pool, Prototype etc.)
  • Data Centers (Hatzner, Selectel), VDS, Debian, ISPmanager, CRON, AntiDDoS, Apache+MySQL+PHP
  • VoIP, Asterisk, 3CX Phone
  • Graphics: PhotoShop, yES
  • Git, WinMerge
  • TeamViewer
InHouse IT Team:
  • Middle PHP Developer
  • 2 Junior PHP Developers
  • Junior QA Tester
  • Graphic Designer
  • Mobile Apps Product Manager
  • Android Apps Developer
  • IPhone Apps Developer
  • System Administrator
  • VoIP Telecom Administrator
MMCIS (forex-mmcis.ru/): MMDANCE Project (http://mmdance.ua/) sep 2012 - nov 2012 Analyst & Web-Developer
  • Internet Marketing Analysis
  • SMM automatisation
  • Web-Site ReFactoring
  • Developing custom web management system
Tools and Technologies:
  • HTML5+CSS3+JS+JQuery+AJAX+Flash+PHP+MySQL+(own Framework)
  • Patterns: SingleTon, MVC, Obj Pool, Bridge, Proxy, Adapter
  • Notepad++, FTP, Unix, SSH, phpMyAdmin, Apache
  • OOD, Patterns, OOP
  • Perl
Reason for leaving work:
Interests to work in Food Delivery Project
Terrasoft (www.terrasoft.ru) apr 2012 - jun 2012 Internet-marketing specialist

Prepare specification

SEO optimisation management

Internet-marketing analysis

Web-site administrating

Web-site and Web-Services development

SaaS integrations to Web-Site

Market Analysis

Tools and Technologies:
  • HTML5+CSS3+JS+JQuery+AJAX+PHP+MySQL+Drupal
  • Notepad++, FTP, Unix, SSH, phpMyAdmin, Apache
  • Google Analytics
  • Yandex Metrics
Reason for leaving work:
Slow career growth
Joker-Agency (Entrepreneur, Freelance) apr 2010 - apr 2012 PM & Web Developer Many small projects in UA IT market. Interesting custom sites:
http://homeland.com.ua/, http://tuda.travel/, http://svitiaz.net/, http://eurobyket.com.ua/
  • Development own flexible HMVC Web-Framework
  • HTML5+CSS3+JS+JQuery+PHP+MySQL+MVC+CI+Git Programming
  • MySQL DataBase projecting and optimization
  • Prepare specification
  • Project planning
  • Task-management
  • QA, Testing
  • Online marketing
  • Communication with the clients
  • Accounting (contracts, laws, taxes, documents)
  • Make own site: http://joker-agency.com.ua
Tools and Technologies:
  • HTML5+CSS3+JS+JQuery+PHP+MySQL+(CodeIgniter or own Framework)
  • Patterns: SingleTon, MVC, Obj Pool, Bridge, Proxy, Adapter
  • WordPress, Joomla+VirtueMart, Drupal, Magento
  • Notepad++, FTP, Unix, SSH, phpMyAdmin, Apache
  • OOD, Patterns, OOP
  • TeamLab
  • Google Analytics
  • All Tools: http://joker-agency.com.ua/бриф_заказать_сайт/
  • PhotoShop
FreeLance Team:
  • HTML+CSS+JS Junior Front-End
  • 3 FreeLance Graphic Designers
  • 3D Graph Designer
  • 1 Middle and 2 Junior PHP Developers
  • 2 SEO optimizer
  • Google AdWords manager
  • Internet PR Manager
  • Marketing analyst
  • SMM specialist (Real info, Bots and Fake Accounts)
  • Perl programmer
  • System administrator
  • QA, Tester
  • Copywriter
Reason for leaving work:
Interests to work in middle or large company.
Perfumes Internet Shop(flower.net.ua) jan 2007 - mar 2010 Project Manager & Web-Developer
  • Web-Development
  • Planning Front End UI, BackOffice
  • Reports and Price Update Automatisation
  • Internet-Marketing (SEO, Banners, Links, Ads)
  • PR
  • Financial control
  • Accounting
  • Logistics
Tools and Technologies:
  • Unix, SSH, phpMyAdmin
  • Google Analytics
  • Yandex Metrics
  • PhotoShop
Reason for leaving work:
Interests to open small freelance Internet Agency
IT Engeneer oct 2006 - jan 2007 ТОВ «М-МИСТ» Bowling Club «Джамбо» (jumbo.kiev.ua)
  • Office System Administration (Printers, Mail, 1С, RKeeper, Web-site)
  • TV's Administration
  • Office PBX Administration
  • Windows Server and Brunswick Administration
Tools and Technologies:
  • Energine CMS
  • Windows Server, Windows, Unix, SSH, Traffic Inspector
  • Brunswick Bowling SoftWare
Reason for leaving work:
Interests to open small eCommerce Business


Master NAU ( Ukraine, Kiev ) Management and administration, Management
Thesis: Using of Innovative IT automatisation and psychological motivation technologies in process management
jan 2009 - jan 2010
Bachelor NTUU «KPI» ITS (last semester in NAU)( Ukraine, Kiev ) Telecommunications (Telecommunication systems and networks) sep 2003 - jul 2007
Secondary education (School) Physics and Mathematics Lyceum № 142 ( Ukraine, Kiev ) Physics and Mathematics sep 1997 - jun 2003


Team building, Leadership, Emotions Year: 2008
  • Invisible influence
  • Emotions control
  • Team Building


Ukrainian - Fluent
Russian - Fluent
English - Intermediate